Friday, June 5, 2009

Viddy "A Clockwork Cucc" & listen to Beethoven's 9th Symphony. It's real horrorshow!

And viddy films I would. Where I was taken to, brothers, was like no cine I'd been in before. I was bound up in a straight-jacket and my gulliver was strapped to a headrest with like wires running away from it. Then they clamped like lidlocks on my eyes so I could not shut them no matter how hard I tried. It seemed a bit crazy to me, but I let them get on with what they wanted to get on with.
Now all the time I was watching this, I was beginning to get very aware of like not feeling all that well, but I tried to forget this.    Then, I began to feel really sick, but I could not shut me glazzies! And even if I tried to move my glazballs about, I still could not get out of the line of fire of this picture!

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